Yay - the Ottifanten have arrived!


With the start of the winter season a new VR adventure awaits you with “OTTO’s Ottifanten” at the “Alpenexpress Coastiality”. The East Friesian personally leads you into the adventure. Experience a turbulent ride together with Baby Otti and the Ottifanten dog. A ride with plenty of surprises, an avalanche of sheep, traffic chaos on the road and an improvised rocket engine on the pushchair until it ends with a cool bath in the North Sea. A fun adventure for small and big visitors.

Virtual Reality able to increase the intensity of a rollercoaster


Last Spring the Alpenexpress Enzian rollercoaster was studied to answer the question whether Virtual Reality affects the rollercoaster experience in-situ and the evaluation of the experience afterwards. The unconscious affective responses were measured during the ride through the Empatica E4 wearable wristband. This wristband enables measurement of the Skin Conductance Responses: basically it measures the intensity that a participant experiences. The conscious affective responses were measured by an evaluation of the ride afterwards in a short questionnaire. The questionnaire also addressed questions on presence, since presence is a good determinant of Virtual Reality and is often related to emotional responses. Presence addresses the question whether the participant believes to be part of the presented story or not, and if he or she experienced any negative effects (eye strain, head ache etc.). Three major findings were concluded from the study: (1) Virtual Reality induced emotional responses. Specifically, it increased the in-situ and evaluated intensity, but also led to a more positively evaluated experienced rollercoaster ride. (2) The believability of the (VR) environment was strongly and positively related to the evaluation of arousal and valence. To varying degrees the addition of VR increased a feeling of being present in the story, and especially the believability of the environment, compared to non-virtual stories. In contrast, the experienced negative effects induced a more negatively experienced ride according to the evaluations, but was not observed to be related to the intensity of the rollercoaster ride. (3) The looping that took place in both observed VR stories led to a significant difference in the experienced unconscious intensity, compared to the non-VR rides.

Oosterholt, Monique, Virtual or Reality? A rollercoaster case study on the effect of VR and presence on unconscious and conscious emotional responses, Master of Science (Leisure Studies), June 21, NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Breda.

New in the app: “ICON” the worldwide latest multi-launch coaster


Experience with the multi-launch coaster “ICON” from the theme park “Pleasure Beach Blackpool” a further spectacular on-ride video. Directly after the start you will be accelerated from 0 to 80 km/h and a height of 27 meter in only 2.25 seconds. Followed by a speedy decent, just missing to hit other rides, a second acceleration thrust ensures a special adrenaline kick. Download the app ( to find out yourself and get started with this virtual adventure.

New & unique virtual reality experience at the Valerian Universe


Beginning this September, the new virtual reality adventure at the French themed area ‘Eurosat Coastiality’ will be enhanced with Luc Bessons‘ epic cinema hit ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’. This adventure in space will ensure that the Eurosat continues with its popular universe theme.
To enable this innovative ride experience a separate station was integrated into this dark-ride coaster, including moveable tracks and separate trains. This way, two attractions can be incorporated in one coaster using the same tracks.
With ‘Eurosat Coastiality’ Europa-Park offers its visitors a worldwide unique virtual reality experience. From September onwards all visitors will use their VR headset even before the actual VR ride in a pre-show room. With the VR headset on, all visitors will walk through a virtual reality world. Not only will they walk across the station to the train but will also board the train without taking their headsets off. As soon as all visitors are seated the VR ride in the coaster will begin. The real, physical surroundings will be replicated in detail which enables visitors to enter the train while wearing the VR headset.
This worldwide unique innovation was created through the collaboration of Mack Media, VR Coaster, Holodeck VR and EuropaCorp.

Theme park Walibi in the Coastiality App


The theme park Walibi from Belgium will be represented in the future with 4 rides in the Coastiality App. The wooden roller coaster ‘Werewolf’ will feature form 4th May 2018, PULSAR following in June, in July it will continue with FlashBack and the last ride, Tiki-Waka, will follow in August. Look forward to 4 spectacular 360° videos in the Coastiality App and get insights into the theme park Walibi and its rollercoasters. Just download the Coastiality App ( and have a look, it's worth it!

Even faster in VR


This weekend, the Alpenexpress Coastiality + Pass will be launched, with a separate entrance at the exit of the Alpenexpress. By purchasing the Alpenexpress Coastiality + Pass, visitors can skip the queue at Alpenexpress Coastiality, reduce the waiting time, and more quickly immerse themselves in the virtual reality of Alpenexress Coastiality. The tickets are available at an extra cost of €7 at the following locations:
  • Cash registers directly at the main entrance
  • At all information offices in Europa-Park
  • Right in the Coastiality App. As a bonus, the associated 360° video in the Coastiality App will be unlocked for free when purchasing tickets via the app.

New at the start of the season


The 2018 summer season has started and many new, exciting highlights await visitors to Europa-Park. During the off-season, the area of Coastiality was also worked on: just in time for the start of the season, the brand new VR experience Alpha Mods P.D. will be available on Alpenexpress Coastiality. The fifth film is about a futuristic police unit that fights criminals in Ultraville, ensuring law and order. Stop by the Alpenexpress and experience a speedy chase through Ultraville to catch the villain.

Paddington at Europa-Park


A whole new VR experience is now available on Alpenexpress Coastiality. Experience a brand new, interactive VR experience on Alpenexpress Coastiality with ‘Paddington’. While traveling through London, he suddenly loses his red hat… and the hunt to find it again turns out to be difficult and dangerous! Come by the Alpenexpress and help Paddington get his hat back. Careful, there are many dangers waiting on the way!

New on Alpenexpress Coastiality


The Schellen-Ursli, known from the Swiss movie of the same name, conquers the virtual reality on Alpenexpress Coastiality. Experience a rapid sleigh ride, with the Schellen-Ursli and his friends, through the snowy landscape of the Alps. The descent is more difficult than expected! Why? See for yourself on Alpenexpress Coastiality what the 3 friends experience on their sleigh ride and what difficulties await you.

Content Update for Sky Explorers


The world of Sky Explorers appears in a new form. The popular VR Ride has undergone a content update and now offers visitors an even better, more intense experience. A loving redesign of the scenery, with even more details, invites you to an unforgettable flight with the Sky Explorers. Stop by the Alpenexpress and become a Sky Explorer yourself!

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