Experience for the first time, worldwide, in a theme park Rollercoasters in a totally new dimension!

Amber Blake – The Chase

Finden Sie im „Alpenexpress Coastiality“ mit dem spektakulären VR-Abenteuer „Amber Blake Coastiality“ heraus, ob Sie zum knallharten Agenten taugen!

Madame Freudenreich – Dino-Race VR

A VR experience that will let the hearts of dinosaur fans of all ages race faster, thanks to the speedy ride on Alpenexpress Coastiality.

Alpenexpress feat. OTTOs Ottifanten 360° Video

Experience a funny adventure with Baby Otti and the Ottifanten dog. Many surprises are waiting for them during the ride. Which ones? Have a look yourself.

Eurosat feat. Valerian 360° Video

Embark on an undercover mission with Agent Valerian and Agent Laureline. The Mül Transmutator was stolen. Can you save it?

Dynamite 360° Video

With Germany's first Big Dipper Coaster ‘Dynamite’, you can go on a high-octane ride up to 40 metres high and 500 metres in length, including a loop, helix, screws and the feeling of weightlessness. Well, do you dare?

The Velociraptor 360° Video

Discover Nigloland's rollercoaster for all the family. Descend the slopes of the quaint Swiss Village - thrills and giggles guaranteed.

Werewolf 360° Video

This wooden coaster produces a creaky effect during the ride. The carts go screaming round the sharp bends at a continuous speed of 80 kmh.

PULSAR 360° Video

This world premiere will give you incredible sensations. Get ready for an amazing ride. Three powerful propulsions will get you up to 100 kmh. Finally enjoy a freefall dive into the water from 45m high.

Tiki-Waka 360° Video

Enjoy a crazy ride on an exotic circuit. Race over the head of other visitors across the Walibi forests at 55kmh.

The Great LEGO® Race VR Coaster 360° Video Trailer

Race against a colorful cast of LEGO® minifigures in a wild competition where everything you see is made of LEGO® bricks! Now open at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, LEGOLAND® Florida Resort and LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort.

Alpenexpress feat. Alpha Mods P.D. 360° Video

Be immersed in the world of Alpha Mods P.D.! Embark with the futuristic Police Unit Alpha Mods P.D. on a rapid chase after the bad guys!

The Secrets of Gravity - 360° Trailer

New at the Dome of Dreams at Europa-Park: "The Secrets of Gravity" - an adventure with breath-taking images, following a boy and his robot as they trace the footsteps of Albert Einstein and discover gravity.

Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise 360°

Start your rescue mission U.S.S. Enterprise and experience with Star Trek™: Operation Enterprise a triple launch coaster with many inversions and a 180° twisted half pipe.

Alpenexpress 360° Video

One of Europa-Park's very first rollercoasters still thrills visitors young and old - if you want even in virtual reality.

Pegasus 360° Video

Experience the thrill of riding Europa-Park's original Pegasus rollercoaster in the Greek themed area

Donjon de l'Extrême 360° Video

Prepare for the world's largest rotating free fall tower (standing 100 meters tall) right here in this app.

Le Schlitt' Express 360° Video

Discover Nigloland's rollercoaster for all the family. Descend the slopes of the quaint Swiss Village - thrills and giggles guaranteed.

Alpina Blitz 360° Video

Nigloland's fastest rollercoaster is always a thrilling prospect. Prepare for a sharp 70m drop and 9 exhilarating airtimes scattered throughout the ride.

Euro-Tower 360° Video

Reach dazzling new heights on the Euro-Tower and get fabulous panoramic views of Europa-Park and its environs.

Swiss Bob Run 360° Video

Race down the valley at breakneck speeds on the Swiss Bob Run ice track.

Horror Nights Atlantis 360° Video

You can now experience this VR thrill-ride developed exclusively for Horror Nights right from your smartphone.

Horror Nights 360° Video

Immerse yourself in our chilling 360° extravaganza as you discover Europa-Park's Horror Nights!

Spook Me! 360° Video

Our live recording of the Spook Me! Musical tells a tale of love, courage, and freedom.

MYSTORIAL DJ BoBo 360° Video

Relive the world premiere of DJ BoBo’s MYSTORIAL tour at the new Europa-Park Arena from a variety of angles exclusively here.

feat. Ed Euromaus and Friends

Join Ed and his friends on an epic journey in a mine cart and on the back of a dragon. A unique virtual reality experience on Alpenexpress Coastiality.

feat. Happy Family 360° Video

The virtual reality ride to the eponymous movie hit could be experienced exclusively in the Europa Park on the Pegasus Coastiality roller coaster.

feat. Sky Explorers 360° Video

The virtual reality ride to the mobile game, Voletarium: Sky Explorers could be experienced exclusively on Europa-Park's Alpenexpress Coastiality ride.

French Revolution 2 360° Video

Experience Asia’s first virtual reality coaster located in Lotte World Adventure. The medieval, gothic adventure will take you on a thrilling journey with huge Gargoyles and scary Cyclopes.

Gyro Drop 2 360° Video

Welcome to the world’s first drop tower equipped with virtual reality in Lotte World Adventure. Finding yourself in a futuristic cityscape, you will be dropped from 70 meters, tilted by 90° and facing right down into abyss. 

ICON - Dare to ride 360° Video

Experience a breath-taking ride with the multi-launch coaster “ICON”. Just missing to hit other rides a second acceleration thrust ensures a special adrenaline kick. Find out yourself!

Fjord-Rafting 360° Video

A roaring torrent running through the Scandinavian landscape promises floods of fun!

Traumatica 360° Trailer

Check out the exclusive trailer for the new Traumatica event. The world of man has fallen. The time of Traumatica has begun. More information at

Alpenexpress feat. Schellen-Ursli 360°

Let’s go to ‘Chalandamarz’ – the new VR adventure takes you on a swift sliding experience through the Alps with Swiss Schellen-Urlsi from the popular movie.

Eurosat in the Light of Day 360° Video

Guests will blast off on this thrilling 1.1 km rollercoaster propelling them to speeds of up to 100 km in 2.5 seconds, launching them from the deep dark prehistoric jungles of the Lost Valley out into the Dubai desert and back.

FlyWithEd 360° Video

FlyWithEd on board bis special Eurowings plane to the Sunny Side of Germany! Touchdown in Stuttgart Airport and discover the Black Forest before taking a rollercoaster ride through Europa-Park... Hold on tight!

Flash Back 360° Video

A long ride in a calmly lapping boat, combined with here and there some tricky bends and short but strong descents.