Discover the exciting world of ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ through Eurosat Coastiality.

Since the opening of the French themed area, the iconic Eurosat sphere has been a landmark of Europa-Park. Until 2017, the dark rollercoaster Eurosat could be found within the 45-metre-high silver sphere, which had a futuristic space theme allowing guests to travel among the stars and planets in a Space Shuttle. From now on the silver sphere has reopened as Eurosat - CanCan Coaster with the Eurosat Coastiality extension.

With ‘Eurosat Coastiality’, a completely new virtual reality experiences awaits visitors at Europa-Park. The renovation to the cult rollercoaster ‘Eurosat’ created two new attractions with a single ride: With ‘Eurosat - CanCan Coaster’, guests experience a flight over Paris at night, and with ‘Eurosat Coastiality’ they are taken on a journey into Luc Besson’s science fiction epic ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’.

All visitors will use their VR headset even before the actual VR ride in a pre-show room. With the VR headset on, all visitors will walk through a virtual reality world. Not only will they walk across the station to the train but will also board the train without taking their headsets off. As soon as all visitors are seated the VR ride in the coaster will begin. The real, physical surroundings are replicated in detail which enables visitors to enter the train while wearing the VR headset.

This worldwide unique innovation was created through the collaboration of Mack Media, VR Coaster, Holodeck VR and EuropaCorp.

For ‘Eurosat Coastiality’, a separate station with track switch and separate trains have been integrated into the dark rollercoaster. The virtual reality experience has two carriages, ensuring both smooth operation and increased capacity.

In the midst of the idyllic Austrian themed area you can find the first rollercoaster of Europa-Park the Alpenexpress “Enzian”. It was constructed by Mack Rides and opened in 1984. In 2015 the Alpenexpress was finally equipped with the then first ever “Coastiality” experience which combined the tradition of the park with latest technology. “Coastiality” describes a perfectly to the ride attuned VR adventure. This way visitors can experience a breath-taking experience in a virtual reality and let the world of rollercoaster come alive in a completely new way.
Experience the speedy ride through the virtual world yourself with the “Alpenexpress Coastiality” and select from different VR adventures. Fight evil with Amber Blake and embark on a daring jet ski chase in the vibrant city of Singapore. Accompany Ed Euromaus and his friends on their turbulent journey in the mine cart. As a movie fan, you can support the Schellen Ursli on a racy glissade through the Alps. Take part in a chase race with the futuristic police unit Mods P.D. to catch the baddie or experience with OTTOs Ottifanten, Baby Otti and the Ottifanten dog an exciting adventure with many surprises! You have got the choice!

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